Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Five Questions: Wazzupwitchu (St. Louis Blues)

(Thanks again, goes to Laura from Wazzupwitchu. We stumbled on her site when looking up St. Louis Blues blogs and she's been a good friend of CLS ever since. Follow her Blues coverage as they try to take on the mighty Luongo and the Sedins.)

1. What will the Blues need to do to beat the Vancouver Canucks?
Win. Obviously. But win with special teams. Vancouver had a heck of a push at the end to snap out of a horrible January, but they never managed to push their special teams up to anything but average. The Blues, on the other hand, have a top 10 powerplay and a the number three penalty kill in the league. Get Vancouver to take as many stupid penalties as possible - maybe Sundin'll turn back into the one-man-penalty machine that he was when he arrived in Vancouver. I distinctly remember a screw up on his part leading to a game winning goal on our part. Let's try that again.

2. What would need to happen for the Canucks to win?
Some really weird special teams meltdown (ain't gonna happen) or Andy Murray messing with the lines, which will probably be accompanied with his yelling at David Perron for the 100th time this season. Oh, and trying to randomly shove Kariya in there, thereby messing up the line chemistry.

3. Fan Favorite
TJ Oshie recently received more votes for mayor of St. Louis than any other Blues player ever has. Couple that with the fact that he fears nothing (including Rick Nash), and... yeah. "Osh-ie! Osh-ie!" chants break out randomly in Imo's Pizza joints. Or so I'm told.

There's also David Backes, but since he's God I didn't feel that it was fair to Oshie to have the two compete.

4. The Blues' Goat-to-Be
I really, honestly, can't see anyone on our team being a big - "Oh my LORD you just cost us the Cup!" kind of goat. No one's really gone out of their way to cost us a game this year, and if they have, I do believe they're back on the Rivermen.

5. Top storyline
Mats Sundin getting a big dose of karma at the expense of David Backes and our powerplay. Several times. Leafs fans everywhere will point and laugh, and the Blues/Leafs series of the 90s will be forgotten as Toronto natives everywhere buy Blues fans a big, frosty Moosehead.

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