Saturday, April 18, 2009

Andy McDonald scores a hat trick!

Um, a post hitting hat trick. 3 posts. HE was our offensive force last night - where was everyone else? Mason played stellar again, allowing 2 goals on a ton more shots than Luongo had to face. The rest of our squad? Flatter than these.

I wonder if I can get these with lingonberry syrup?

Oh, and Dear Bobby,

Do you remember when you came back from injury and you were off your form? I do, because you ruined my fantasy team for a time. Do you remember your last game against Phoenix? That horrible blow-out?What happened to that?

The true highlight of this game was the fight at the conclusion. No word on any suspensions, but the Canucks don't need to send us any more messages. We read you, loud and clear.

Without your goalie, you'd be toast.

BTW, check out AM. Walt has to hold the Green Goblin back... oh, Sunday will be fun.

'Nucks up, 2-0. Next stop, St. Louis. Don't let us down, guys.

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