Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're not dead yet!

Game 3... so much pressure to win it feels like a game 7. What could possibly be in our favor tonight?

Home. 5 Years without playoff hockey in St. Louis. A city that's just as pumped about its hockey team as it is about it's baseball team. A city that deserves a better situation for their hockey team than what they've been treated to the past few years... a deafening roar that gets inside Bobby Luongo's head and just messes him up.

Wanna know something else we have? A Paul Kariya skating with the team. Will he be playing? That remains to be seen, but how much would THAT help.

Remember - we're not dead yet. Actually, we might be getting better.

Cam Janssen is suited up and ready to go. Duck and cover.


  1. Not dead yet, but you are now pretty close. Wooo Canucks!

  2. At the very least, maybe we can get a song and dance after the carnage is over where we all come back to life? Lancelot might've done a number on that wedding, but they still threw down.

    That reminds me... I need to re-watch that movie. It's been entirely too long.