Friday, April 17, 2009

Game two... bring it.

Ok, after careful meditation, an extremely long day of educating the yoots of tomorrow, and dinner at Joe's Crab Shack (I found something that doesn't taste like old friar oil - oddly enough, it's the crab!), I do believe that I am ready. Ready for the second game of the playoff series that many, many bloggers are picking the Blues to take in 6... but we're down by one, mostly thanks the the efforts of this man:

Tell me you saw the last game he played against Phoenix. You saw that, right?

Just one - keep repeating that to yourself... it's just one game. It was our first game - the first playoff game for so many of our guys, who are so young. Out of all of the game ones played, our goalie allowed the least goals of the losing goaltender - 2. No more fun Wonder Twins set-ups in front of our goal. We need more shots on goal, and we need more from the Kid Line. Berglund barely averaged 9 minutes last night, if that many. We need fewer bad penalties, especially if tonight is called as tightly as last game was called. We need to screen Bobby Lou (hah - that sounds like a gangster name, and it's funny because he's Italian, get it?) and we just need to whap the holy heck out of that puck.

We also need to get Backes riled up. Might I suggest he watch this video again?

I really think that we can take this game, no problem. And no, I won't make any stupid "play better from behind" cracks, since I just worked 2 into one sentence. Be proud. Blues take it, 3-2. And come home to take the next two games too - those people in Scottrade deserve a show, and they are gonna get one. I guess I'll be getting one from my Atlanta couch.

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  1. Watching this one on a delay ... looks like the refs are going to stay out of this one.